Low-angle Square lights

The FFPQ series generates highly-diffuse and homogeneous light with a low angle. This allows shiny, flat, and also rectangular surfaces to be inspected for defects and also to be ideally illuminated. The FFPQ series is used as dark field light at low working distances.

Application examples:
Inspection of circuit board conductors, solder joints, or components on circuit boards

- Colors: Red, green , blue,white, RGB, IR (850 nm)
- Without series resistor or with series resistor
- Custom solutions: Segment lights
- Protection class: IP 30 as standard, IP 67 available

- Industrial-strength M8 & M12 connectors

Teilenummern (Auszug)
FFPR-i50, FFPR-i50-W, FFPR-i50-G, FFPR-i50-B, FFPR-Si50, FFPR-Si50-W, FFPR-Si50-R, FFPR-Si50-G, FFPR-Si50-B, FFPR-Si70, FFPR-Si70-W, FFPR-Si70-R24, FFPR-Si70-G, FFPR-Si70-B, FFPR-i100, FFPR-i100-W, FFPR-i100-G, FFPR-i100-B, FFPR-i100-IR, FFPR-Si100, FFPR-Si100-R24, FFPR-Si100-RGB, FFPR-Si100-RGB, FFPQ-Si31x35, FFPQ-Si31x35-W, FFPQ-Si31x35-R, FFPQ-Si31x35-R24, FFPQ-Si31x35-G, FFPQ-Si31x35-B, FFPQ-Si32, FFPQ-Si32-W, FFPQ-Si32-R, FFPQ-Si32-R24, FFPQ-Si32-G, FFPQ-Si32-B, FFPQ-Si32-IR24, FFPQ-Si50, FFPQ-Si50-W, FFPQ-Si50-R24, FFPQ-Si50-R, FFPQ-Si50-G, FFPQ-Si50-B, FFPQ-Si75, FFPQ-Si75-W, FFPQ-Si75-R, FFPQ-Si75-R24, FFPQ-Si75-G, FFPQ-Si75-B, FFPQ-Si75-IR, FFPQ-Si75-IR24, FFPQ-Si100, FFPQ-Si100-W, FFPQ-Si100-R24, FFPQ-Si100-R, FFPQ-Si100-G, FFPQ-Si100-B, FFPQ-Si100-IR24, FFPQ-Si100-IR, FFPQ-Si120, FFPQ-Si120-W, FFPQ-Si120-R, FFPQ-Si120-R24, FFPQ-Si120-G, FFPQ-Si120-B, FFPQ-Si150, FFPQ-Si150-W, FFPQ-Si150-R24, FFPQ-Si150-G, FFPQ-Si150-B