Low-angle diffuse Light

Low angle ring diffuse light (FFPR) and low angle square diffuse light (FFPQ) enables characters and defects to be uniformly illuminated with no LED glare. Soft, even and diffused lighting on shiny objects. Best for preventing the halo effect. The shadowless, low angle square type is perfect for square shaped objects.

Illumination Structure:
The object is illuminated from a low angle by uniform diffuse light through the light conduction plate.

Major Application:
Inspection for IC characters
IC lead inspection within the embossed tape
Inspection for IC void
IC orientation identification, NG mark inspection

FFPR-i50, FFPR-i50-W, FFPR-i50-G, FFPR-i50-B, FFPR-Si50, FFPR-Si50-W, FFPR-Si50-R, FFPR-Si50-G, FFPR-Si50-B, FFPR-Si70, FFPR-Si70-W, FFPR-Si70-R24, FFPR-Si70-G, FFPR-Si70-B, FFPR-i100, FFPR-i100-W, FFPR-i100-G, FFPR-i100-B, FFPR-i100-IR, FFPR-Si100, FFPR-Si100-R24, FFPR-Si100-RGB, FFPR-Si100-RGB, FFPQ-Si31x35, FFPQ-Si31x35-W, FFPQ-Si31x35-R, FFPQ-Si31x35-R24, FFPQ-Si31x35-G, FFPQ-Si31x35-B, FFPQ-Si32, FFPQ-Si32-W, FFPQ-Si32-R, FFPQ-Si32-R24, FFPQ-Si32-G, FFPQ-Si32-B, FFPQ-Si32-IR24, FFPQ-Si50, FFPQ-Si50-W, FFPQ-Si50-R24, FFPQ-Si50-R, FFPQ-Si50-G, FFPQ-Si50-B, FFPQ-Si75, FFPQ-Si75-W, FFPQ-Si75-R, FFPQ-Si75-R24, FFPQ-Si75-G, FFPQ-Si75-B, FFPQ-Si75-IR, FFPQ-Si75-IR24, FFPQ-Si100, FFPQ-Si100-W, FFPQ-Si100-R24, FFPQ-Si100-R, FFPQ-Si100-G, FFPQ-Si100-B, FFPQ-Si100-IR24, FFPQ-Si100-IR, FFPQ-Si120, FFPQ-Si120-W, FFPQ-Si120-R, FFPQ-Si120-R24, FFPQ-Si120-G, FFPQ-Si120-B, FFPQ-Si150, FFPQ-Si150-W, FFPQ-Si150-R24, FFPQ-Si150-G, FFPQ-Si150-B