Diffuse round dark field light

The FFPR series generates highly-diffuse and homogeneous light with a low angle. This allows shiny and flat surfaces to be inspected for defects. The FFPR series is an alternative when the FLDR-LA3 series generates excessive reflections.

Application examples:
Wafer inspection, metal surfaces

- Colors: Red, green , blue,white, RGB, IR (875 nm)
- Protection class: IP 30 as standard, IP 67 available
- Material: Aluminum (standard), stainless steel (on request)
- Without series resistor or with series resistor
- Industrial-strength M8 & M12 connectors
- Mounting brackets

FFPR-i50, FFPR-i50-W, FFPR-i50-G, FFPR-i50-B, FFPR-Si50, FFPR-Si50-W, FFPR-Si50-R, FFPR-Si50-G, FFPR-Si50-B, FFPR-Si70, FFPR-Si70-W, FFPR-Si70-R24, FFPR-Si70-G, FFPR-Si70-B, FFPR-i100, FFPR-i100-W, FFPR-i100-G, FFPR-i100-B, FFPR-i100-IR, FFPR-Si100, FFPR-Si100-R24, FFPR-Si100-RGB, FFPR-Si100-RGB, FFPQ-Si31x35, FFPQ-Si31x35-W, FFPQ-Si31x35-R, FFPQ-Si31x35-R24, FFPQ-Si31x35-G, FFPQ-Si31x35-B, FFPQ-Si32, FFPQ-Si32-W, FFPQ-Si32-R, FFPQ-Si32-R24, FFPQ-Si32-G, FFPQ-Si32-B, FFPQ-Si32-IR24, FFPQ-Si50, FFPQ-Si50-W, FFPQ-Si50-R24, FFPQ-Si50-R, FFPQ-Si50-G, FFPQ-Si50-B, FFPQ-Si75, FFPQ-Si75-W, FFPQ-Si75-R, FFPQ-Si75-R24, FFPQ-Si75-G, FFPQ-Si75-B, FFPQ-Si75-IR, FFPQ-Si75-IR24, FFPQ-Si100, FFPQ-Si100-W, FFPQ-Si100-R24, FFPQ-Si100-R, FFPQ-Si100-G, FFPQ-Si100-B, FFPQ-Si100-IR24, FFPQ-Si100-IR, FFPQ-Si120, FFPQ-Si120-W, FFPQ-Si120-R, FFPQ-Si120-R24, FFPQ-Si120-G, FFPQ-Si120-B, FFPQ-Si150, FFPQ-Si150-W, FFPQ-Si150-R24, FFPQ-Si150-G, FFPQ-Si150-B