Multi Angle Ringlight

All in one lighting with multi color and multi angle.
The arrangement of the LEDs allows an unprecedented level of illumination of the parts being inspected. Thus, various defects can be checked in a single measurement.

Illumination Structure:
This multi angle lighting consists of one illumination housing and equipped with SMD LED's. The LED's are arranged in exact position on a parallel angle.
Each ring is separately controllable in its intensity, as well as multicolor available.
The number of LED rows is depending by the size of lighting. These varies are base on customer requirement.

Major Application:
Best solution for multiple applications or different checking criteria.
Option selection in R, G, B, W, IR and UV for each angle in the lighting. All colors are separated control.

FIBS-Si90, FIBS-Si90-W, FIBS-Si90-R24, FIBS-Si90-G, FIBS-Si90-B, FIBS-Si90-UV24, FIBS-Si90-IR24