FLDR-B - Angle Ring

Angle Ringlight

LEDs with extremely bright light output are mounted very tightly. 360 degree shadow-free illumination is possible. The Ring Light Direct Angle prevents shadowing and focuses the light at an angle to the centre of the object being illuminated. Suitable to detect smallest divergences of reflectance between target objects. Used for not reflecting objects needing a strong lighting. FLHC are "half models".

Illumination Structure:
The LEDs are ring-shaped concentrated on the flexible board. Ring Light Direct Angle prevents shadowing and focuses the light at an angle to the centre of the object being illuminated. An optional diffusor plate can be mounted to improve illumination.

Major Application:
Suitable for measuring the difference in reflectance between target objects.

FLDR-Si20B, FLDR-Si20B-W, FLDR-Si20B-R24, FLDR-Si20B-G, FLDR-Si20B-B,FLDR-Si20B-IP54, FLDR-Si20B-IP54-W, FLDR-Si20B-IP54-G, FLDR-Si20B-IP54-B, FLDR-i32B, FLDR-i32B-W, FLDR-i32B-G,, FLDR-i32B-B, FLDR-Si32B, FLDR-Si32B-W, FLDR-Si32B-R24, FLDR-Si32B-R, FLDR-Si32B-G, FLDR-Si32B-B, FLDR-Si32B-UV12, FLDR-Si32B-IR24, FLDR-Si38B, FLDR-Si38B-W, FLDR-Si38B-R24, FLDR-Si38B-R, FLDR-Si38B-G, FLDR-Si38B-B, FLDR-i50B, FLDR-i50B-W, FLDR-i50B-G, FLDR-i50B-B, FLDR-i50B-UV24, FLDR-i50B-UV12, FLDR-i50B-SR, FLDR-i50B-SR24, FLDR-i50B-IR24, FLDR-i50B-IR, FLDR-i50B-IP55, FLDR-i50B-IP55-W, FLDR-i50B-IP55-G, FLDR-i50B-IP55-B, FLDR-i50B-IP55-UV24, FLDR-i50B-IP55-SR24, FLDR-i50B-IP55-IR24, FLDR-i50B-IP55-IR, FLDR-Si50B, FLDR-Si50B-W, FLDR-Si50B-R24, FLDR-Si50B-R, FLDR-Si50B-G, FLDR-Si50B-B, FLHC-i50B-180 degr, FLHC-i50B-W-180 degr, FLHC-i50B-R24-180 degr, FLHC-i50B-G-180 degr, FLHC-i50B-B-180 degr, FLDR-i70B, FLDR-i70B-W, FLDR-i70B-G, FLDR-i70B-B, FLDR-i70B-SR24, FLDR-i90B, FLDR-i90B-W, FLDR-i90B-G, FLDR-i90B-B, FLDR-i90B-UV12, FLDR-i90B-UV24, FLDR-i90B-UV24-375/400, FLDR-i90B-SR, FLDR-i90B-SR24, FLDR-i90B-IR, FLDR-i90B-IR24, FLDR-Si90B, FLDR-Si90B-AOI-W, FLDR-Si90B-AOI-W24, FLDR-Si90B-R24, FLDR-Si90B-AOI-G, FLDR-Si90B-AOI-G24, FLDR-Si90B-AOI-B, FLDR-Si90B-AOI-B24, FLDR-Si90B-RGB, FLDR-Si90B-RGB, FLDR-i100B, FLDR-i100B-UV24, FLDR-i120B, FLDR-i120B-W, FLDR-i120B-G, FLDR-i120B-B, FLDR-i120B-IR, FLDR-i120B-IR24, FLDR-Si120B-RGB, FLDR-Si120B-RGB FLDR-i230B, FLDR-i230B-W, FLDR-i230B-B, FLDR-i300B-8, FLDR-i300B-8-W, FLDR-i300B-8-G, FLDR-i300B-8-B, FLDR-i420B-8, FLDR-i420B-8-W, FLDR-i420B-8-G, FLDR-i420B-8-B