FLFL Flat Light (Backlight)

Power-saving back light system with a very thin design and a very uniform surface light emission profile. Just having a casing height of 7-10 mm permittes the application even with very limited mounting space. Ideal for silhouette inspection, inspection of dimension and shape of lead frame, visual inspection of dimenison and shape of electronic parts.
IC lead for gauging inspection for TSSOP, SOIC, DIP, SC7O, SOT, QFP

Illumination Structure:
Light from the LEDs that is placed at four sights of the light guides, passes through the plate to produce a uniform illumination.

Major Application:
Inspection of dimension and shape of lead frame.
Ideal for silhouette inspection.
Visual inspection of dimenison and shape of electronic parts.
IC lead for gauging inspection for TSSOP, SOIC, DIP, SC7O, SOT, QFP

FLFL-Si60, FLFL-Si60-W, FLFL-Si60-R, FLFL-Si60-R24, FLFL-Si60-G, FLFL-Si60-B, FLFL-Si60-IR24, FLFL-Si70x40, FLFL-Si70x40-W, FLFL-Si70x40-R, FLFL-Si70x40-R24, FLFL-Si70x40-G, FLFL-Si70x40-B, FLFL-Si70x40-IR, FLFL-Si90x40, FLFL-Si90x40-W, FLFL-Si90x40-R, FLFL-Si90x40-R24, FLFL-Si90x40-G, FLFL-Si90x40-B, FLFL-Si90x40-IR24, FLFL-Si90x40-7mm, FLFL-Si90x40-R24-7mm, FLFL-Si100, FLFL-Si100-W, FLFL-Si100-R, FLFL-Si100-R24, FLFL-Si100-G, FLFL-Si100-B, FLFL-Si100-IR, FLFL-Si100-IR24, FLFL-Si100-IP67, FLFL-Si100-IP67-W, FLFL-Si100-IP67-R24, FLFL-Si100-IP67-R, FLFL-Si100-IP67-G, FLFL-Si100-IP67-B, FLFL-Si100-IP67-IR24, FLFL-Si100x80, FLFL-Si100x80-W, FLFL-Si100x80-R24, FLFL-Si100x80-R, FLFL-Si100x80-G, FLFL-Si100x80-B, FLFL-Si120x100, FLFL-Si120x100-W, FLFL-Si120x100-R24, FLFL-Si120x100-G, FLFL-Si120x100-B, FLFL-Si120x100-IR24, FLFL-Si132x60-3S-IR24, FLFL-Si132x60-3S-IR24, FLFL-Si140, FLFL-Si140-W, FLFL-Si140-R24, FLFL-Si140-R, FLFL-Si140-G, FLFL-Si140-B, FLFL-Si150x70, FLFL-Si150x70-W, FLFL-Si150x70-R24, FLFL-Si150x70-G, FLFL-Si150x70-B, FLFL-Si150x70-IR, FLFL-Si160x40, FLFL-Si160x40-W, FLFL-Si160x40-R24, FLFL-Si160x40-R, FLFL-Si160x40-G, FLFL-Si160x40-B, FLFL-Si200, FLFL-Si200-W, FLFL-Si200-R24, FLFL-Si200-R, FLFL-Si200-G, FLFL-Si200-B, FLFL-Si200-IR24, FLFL-Si200-IR, FLFL-Si200-C100, FLFL-Si200-C100-R24, FLFL-Si250, FLFL-Si250-W, FLFL-Si250-R, FLFL-Si250-R24, FLFL-Si250-G, FLFL-Si250-B, FLFL-Si320x120, FLFL-Si320x120-W, FLFL-Si320x120-R24, FLFL-Si320x120-G, FLFL-Si320x120-B, FLFL-Si320x120-IR, FLFL-Si360x240, FLFL-Si360x240-W, FLFL-Si360x240-R24, FLFL-Si360x240-G, FLFL-Si360x240-B, FLFL-Si360x240-IR24, FLFL-Si360x240-IR