Coaxial Light

Coaxial is a uniform light that runs perpendicular with camera axis across the entire field of view makes on-axis illumination system.
FHFV possess High Power-SMDs.

Illumination Structure:
A half mirror aligns the high-intensity, even light from the LED array to the same optical axis as the lens.

Illumination from the coaxial side of a lens via a patial mirror.

Major Application:
Suitable to apply on flat object surface with specular or mirror surface.
Wafer level or dice positioning guiding, or pick and place process applications.
Alignment mark on the board.
Inspection for cosmetic applications, scratches on object, dented or micro slug.

FLFV-Si18, FLFV-Si18-W, FLFV-Si18-R, FLFV-Si18-R24, FLFV-Si18-G, FLFV-Si18-B, FLFV-Si25, FLFV-Si25-W, FLFV-Si25-R24, FLFV-Si25-R, FLFV-Si25-G, FLFV-Si25-B, FLFV-Si25N, FLFV-Si25N-W, FLFV-Si25N-R, FLFV-Si25N-R24, FLFV-Si25N-G, FLFV-Si25N-B, FLFV-Si35N, FLFV-Si35N-W, FLFV-Si35N-R24, FLFV-Si35N-G, FLFV-Si35N-B, FLFV-i50, FLFV-i50-SR24, FLFV-Si50, FLFV-Si50-W, FLFV-Si50-R, FLFV-Si50-R24, FLFV-Si50-G, FLFV-Si50-B, FLFV-Si50-IR24, FLFV-Si50N, FLFV-Si50N-W, FLFV-Si50N-R24, FLFV-Si50N-R, FLFV-Si50N-G, FLFV-Si50N-B, FHFV-Si50, FHFV-Si50-W, FHFV-Si50-R24, FHFV-Si50-G, FHFV-Si50-B, FLFV-Si70N, FLFV-Si70N-W, FLFV-Si70N-R24, FLFV-Si70N-R, FLFV-Si70N-G, FLFV-Si70N-B, FLFV-Si70N-UV24, FLFV-Si70N-IR, FLFV-Si100, FLFV-Si100-W, FLFV-Si100-R24, FLFV-Si100-G, FLFV-Si100-B, FLFV-Si100-RGB, FLFV-Si100-RGB