Diffuse flat Ringlight

Ring-shaped light with overhead diffuse light eliminates LED glares and shadows for even illumination. Best for preventing halo effect. Coating inspection and burr inspection of the molding, soldering inspection and inspection of board parts possible with coned FLKR-type. Discus FLFR-type with its low height is prefered for very limited space.

Illumination Structure:
Light from the LEDs around the periphery of the light diffusion plate is scattered and reflected within the plate to create diffuse light that illuminates from directly overhead.

Major Application:
Coating inspection and burr inspection of the molding; Soldering inspection; Inspection of board parts

FLKR-Si70, FLKR-Si70-W, FLKR-Si70-R, FLKR-Si70-R24, FLKR-Si70-G, FLKR-Si70-B, FLKR-Si70-IR24, FLKR-Si70-IR, FLKR-Si85, FLKR-Si85-W, FLKR-Si85-R24, FLKR-Si85-R, FLKR-Si85-G, FLKR-Si85-B, FLKR-Si100, FLKR-Si100-W, FLKR-Si100-R, FLKR-Si100-R24, FLKR-Si100-G, FLKR-Si100-B, FLKR-Si100-UV24, FLKR-Si100-270 degr, FLKR-Si100-W-270 degr, FLKR-Si100-R24-270 degr, FLKR-Si100-G-270 degr, FLKR-Si100-B-270 degr, FLFR-Si70, FLFR-Si70-W, FLFR-Si70-R, FLFR-Si70-R24, FLFR-Si70-G, FLFR-Si70-B, FLFR-Si70-IR24, FLFR-Si70-IR, FLFR-Si100, FLFR-Si100-W, FLFR-Si100-R, FLFR-Si100-R24, FLFR-Si100-G, FLFR-Si100-B, FLFR-Si200, FLFR-Si200-W, FLFR-Si200-R24, FLFR-Si200-G, FLFR-Si200-B, FLFR-Si250, FLFR-Si250-W, FLFR-Si250-R24, FLFR-Si250-G, FLFR-Si250-B, FLFR-Si350, FLFR-Si350-W, FLFR-Si350-R24, FLFR-Si350-G, FLFR-Si350-B, FLFQ-Si245x200, FLFQ-Si245x200-R24