Diffused incident light with angle

Due to the 90° angular alignment of its SMD LEDs the FLKR series generates extremely homogeneous, slightly angled light intromission. Its primary application is to illuminate shiny components and to highlight beveled edges. Its small height also allows the FLKR series to be used when installation space is restricted.

Application examples

Blister packaging, Data matrix codes, Solder joints, etc.


- Colors: Red, green , blue,white, RGB, IR (875 nm)
„- Material: Aluminum (standard), stainless steel (on request)
„- Without series resistor or with series resistor
„- Custom solutions: Segment lights


- Industrial-strength M8 & M12 connectors,„„ Mounting brackets

FLKR-Si70, FLKR-Si70-W, FLKR-Si70-R, FLKR-Si70-R24, FLKR-Si70-G, FLKR-Si70-B, FLKR-Si70-IR24, FLKR-Si70-IR, FLKR-Si85, FLKR-Si85-W, FLKR-Si85-R24, FLKR-Si85-R, FLKR-Si85-G, FLKR-Si85-B, FLKR-Si100, FLKR-Si100-W, FLKR-Si100-R, FLKR-Si100-R24, FLKR-Si100-G, FLKR-Si100-B, FLKR-Si100-UV24, FLKR-Si100-270 degr, FLKR-Si100-W-270 degr, FLKR-Si100-R24-270 degr, FLKR-Si100-G-270 degr, FLKR-Si100-B-270 degr, FLFR-Si70, FLFR-Si70-W, FLFR-Si70-R, FLFR-Si70-R24, FLFR-Si70-G, FLFR-Si70-B, FLFR-Si70-IR24, FLFR-Si70-IR, FLFR-Si100, FLFR-Si100-W, FLFR-Si100-R, FLFR-Si100-R24, FLFR-Si100-G, FLFR-Si100-B, FLFR-Si200, FLFR-Si200-W, FLFR-Si200-R24, FLFR-Si200-G, FLFR-Si200-B, FLFR-Si250, FLFR-Si250-W, FLFR-Si250-R24, FLFR-Si250-G, FLFR-Si250-B, FLFR-Si350, FLFR-Si350-W, FLFR-Si350-R24, FLFR-Si350-G, FLFR-Si350-B, FLFQ-Si245x200, FLFQ-Si245x200-R24