Line Lights

High brightness LED Line Light is focusing with an cylindrical lense. A very intense illumination suited for the use with line-scan cameras. FHLN possess High Power-SMDs.

Illumination Structure:
The high brightness LED light is focused by a cylinder lens to achieve a focused beam.

Major Application:
The application is normally used for line-scan cameras.

FLLN-i50, FLLN-i50-W, FLLN-i50-R24, FLLN-i100, FLLN-i100-W, FLLN-i100-R24, FLLN-i150, FLLN-i150-W, FLLN-i150-R24, FLLN-i180, FLLN-i180-W, FLLN-i180-R24, FLLN-i300, FLLN-i300-W, FLLN-i300-R24, FLLN-i400, FLLN-i400-W, FLLN-i400-R24, FLLN-i500, FLLN-i500-W, FLLN-i500-R24, FLLN-i600, FLLN-i600-W, FLLN-i600-R24, FLLN-i800, FLLN-i800-R24, FLLN-i1000, FLLN-i1000-W, FLLN-i1000-R24, FHLN-Si50, FHLN-Si50-W, FHLN-Si100, FHLN-Si100-W, FHLN-Si150, FHLN-Si150-W, FHLN-Si200, FHLN-Si200-W, FHLN-Si300, FHLN-Si300-W, FHLN-Si400, FHLN-Si400-W, FHLN-Si800, FHLN-Si800-W