F2DL - New Barlight Series

Falcon introduces the F2DL, a new series of Barligths.

Highest quality at the best price!
The new bar light F2DL is not only affordable, but offers many other advantages:

A lens array, which is inserted above the SMD LEDS's, bundles the emitting light from αLight= 120° to αLightLens=60°.
This reduction of the light angle results in a focused light beam, which guarantees a higher brightness at the test part.

Above this lens array is another rail through which it is possible to insert a diffuser and a polarizing filter or a light control film. Deformation or deflection of the diffuser disk, which can occur due to the thermal radiation of the LEDs, is prevented by the continuous rail contact.
Regarding to the housing, there are two effective improvement measures:
Firstly, the housing is provided with cooling fins, which ensures optimum heat dissipation, which in turn has a positive effect on the service life of the LEDs.
Secondly, the back of the housing has a T-slot profile, which ensures flexible and convenient mounting in systems. In addition to this mounting option, the existing mounting variant using mounting brackets on the narrow sides of the housing is also possible.
For a more flexible cable outlet on the housing, a new 2-in-1 solution has been developed in which the cable can be routed both to the side and to the rear.
Our F2DL is currently available in three different widths: b1= 15mm, b2= 27mm and b3= 50mm.
The length of the F2DL is variable, being a multiple of the grid length (lGrid= 35mm). All available dimensions can be found in the new 2021 product catalog (www.katalog.falconillumination.de).